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Quartz bust depicting Hathor

Quartz bust depicting Hathor

This stunning bust of Hathor, the ancient Egyptian goddess of motherhood, music, and joy, is made of quartz. She is wearing a headdress with a sun disk between the horns, and her serene expression conveys her benevolent nature.


Hathor was one of the most popular and beloved deities in ancient Egypt, and her worship was widespread. She was associated with fertility, childbirth, and abundance, and she was also seen as a protector of women and children. Hathor was also known for her love of music and dance, and she was often depicted playing the sistrum, a type of percussion instrument.

This quartz bust of Hathor is a beautiful and unique work of art that would be a cherished addition to any collection. It is also a powerful symbol of the goddess's many blessings, including love, joy, and fertility.


Dimensions: H 60 x D 28 x W 24 cm

Material: Quartz



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