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Nobles Art Gallery is one of the oldest galleries / shops in Luxor Egypt and specializes in statues and other objects from the first half of the 20th century. Over time, the gallery has gathered outstanding pieces.


Nobles Art Gallery is situated at the famous 19th-century Old Winter Palace hotel in Luxor, Egypt. The search for absolute quality has resulted in a magnificent collection including statues and sculptures, Islamic bronze bowls and trays and vintage jewelry, all rare and unique finds. A small part of our collection is exhibited in the Victorian room of the Old Winter Palace hotel. 


On this website you will find a selection of our collection, do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for specific items.


Nobles Art Gallery is registered under license number 2320 by the Department of Tourism for selling antiques and touristic goods.



The Old Winter Palace

Built in 1886, this opulent Luxor hotel blends rich colonial design with the glory of Pharaonic times. In this 19th-century palace once a winter retreat for the Egyptian royal family Agatha Christie wrote her famed 1937 novel Death on the Nile. Illustrious dignitaries - from presidents and politicians to artists and celebrities - have stayed in this Luxor hotels sumptuous suites overlooking the Valley of the Kings. Archaeologist Howard Carter, discoverer of Tutankhamen's tomb, wandered the gardens of this sumptuous hotel in Luxor almost a century ago.


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