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Egyptian statue of kneeling Senenmut

Egyptian statue of kneeling Senenmut

Senenmut was the queen’s advisor and tutor of her only daughter, Neferure, Senenmut held more than eighty titles (including Great Treasurer of the Queen; Chief Steward of the King; and Overseer of the Treasury, Granary, Fields, and Cattle of Amun), which gave him control over the vast resources of the royal family and of the state god, Amun. As chief royal architect, he is credited with the design of the splendid funerary temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahri in western Thebes (c. 1458 b.c.).

In this statue, Senenmut grasps a symbolic cobra that supports a sun disk and cowhorns and rests on a base composed of two upraised arms.


Material: glazed steatite


Dimensions: H 23 x D 16 cm

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